Clean. Perfect. Powdercoating & Sandblasting by The Powder Coating Shop Ltd.

Canada West Industrial Coatings prides ourselves on superior, friendly customer service at a fair price. Whether it’s a production run or your personal single item, every job is handled with the same attention to detail that CWIC has been known for in the Alberta Canada area. CWIC is known for quality workmanship, attention to detail, excellent operating procedures, and quick turn arounds.

CWIC stocks hundreds of powders and offers custom colour matching for you to choose that perfect colour you have been looking for.



Powder Coating

CWIC is an industrial and custom powder coating company. We specialize in powder coating with the committment of providing superior coatings and to serve our customers needs.

Media Blasting

Approximately 50% lighter than metallic media, aluminum oxide has twice as many particles per pound. The fast cutting action minimizes damage to thin materials by eliminating surface stresses caused by heavier, slower cutting media.

Industrial Coating

CWIC can accommodate parts as large as 40 feet long, 12 feet high and 12 feet wide. Our high capacity line can handle parts as heavy as 200 lbs per foot. CWIC specializes in small to large production runs for single or multi-coat powder projects on our conveyor line production.

Heat Stripping

CWIC operates a 1600 degree Fahrenheit oven that bakes off old coating such as old powder coats, chrome, paint, tar coatings. The oven is used as a pre-preparation to our sandblasting process.

Thermal Plastic Coatings

CWIC is the approved city of Calgary applicator of Thermal Plastic Powder and Fusion Bounded Epoxies. These processes are certified for portable water usage, underground water services, and marine products.


Providing powder coating and sandblasting services to fabricators, manufacturers, architects, specialty motorcycle/automotive shops, the municipalities, parks and hotel industries since 1994.


  • Refinishing, rust removal, sandblasting all performed by our technicians
  • Powder Coating and Sandblasting services
  • Ability to powder coat and sandblast parts up to 40 ft. in length
  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Steel, and Castings
  • Free quotes, samples and product assessment
  • Competitive pricing and fast turn around
  • Experienced staff servicing commercial and private customers

Colours and Textures

  • Multiple powder coating colours and textures to choose from including:
  • Glossy, metallic, clears, flats, veins, hammer tones, candies, glitters, wrinkles, and more!
  • Super durable and marine grade powders available
  • Custom colours available at an additional charge
    Depending on the application, powders are available in polyester, epoxy, and hybrid formulations. Primers are available as needed.

Quality Control

  • Automated 3 stage pre-treatment system ensuring a long lasting, high quality finish
  • Check your substrate for unwanted defects that would keep us from producing the best powder coated finish available.
  • Test adhesion, cure and data pack ovens to maximise product performance
  • Advise you of the proper processes required to give you the best quality finish
  • Personally inspect and "foam wrap" all powder coated products to minimise shipping damage and insure satisfaction.

Contact CWIC

  •  Tel: 403-455-1006
  •  Cell: 403-660-9365
  •  Bay D, 3514 - 73rd Ave SE
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2C 1N5


We like to hear from our clients about the work we provided
I am extremely happy with how my wheels turned out. Quality job by Rob and his team.

Excellent timely quotes on our industrial projects and fast turn around. CWIC is a professional industrial coating shop.

CWIC quality is exceptional. The pricing and turn around times are reasonable. From receipt of our products to the returned packaged products to us it is exactly what we were looking for. Our company builds high end industrial equipment and CWIC’s excellent workmanship adds huge value to our products


Contact us with any questions you may have about your projects requirements.